HRYS is a girls' fastpitch softball league serving players ages 5 to 18 in the greater Herndon-Reston, Virginia area. Separate spring and fall competitive house seasons are run with the objective of serving all the girls of the community.

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HRYS is proud to present the Jeff Dalling Memorial scholarship to graduating HRYS seniors.

The 2017 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Ashley M. & Rachel A.
The 2016 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Ashley G of South Lakes HS.
The 2015 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Kellye of South Lakes HS.
The 2014 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Morgan of Herndon HS.
The 2013 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Kaitlyn & Lizzy.
The 2012 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Erica of South Lakes HS.
The 2011 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Katie of Herndon HS.
The 2010 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Megan of Herndon HS.
The 2009 Jeff Dalling Scholarship was presented to Carrie of Herndon HS.

HRYS Remembers Jeff Dalling

On Saturday, November 8th 2008, the Lord called Jeff Dalling home. Jeff was a long time coach and board member of the HRYS family. Many of us will remember Jeff as a co-worker, a family man and a man of faith. I will always remember Jeff as a special gift given to our softball league by God.

I refer to Jeff as a gift because of when you think of the definition of a gift we can really see how Jeff was a special part of our world. The common definitions of a gift are:

  1. Something that is given to somebody, usually in order to provide pleasure or to show gratitude, and

  2. A special talent or a natural ability that somebody appears to have been born with, especially an artistic ability or social skill.

Jeff freely gave his time, skills, knowledge, and his talent in many aspects of his life. People will attest to this in his work and his faith. I can only attest to those gifts Jeff gave to our players and to our softball league. Jeff was an excellent coach and active board member. He took on the difficult and challenging tasks needed to ensure that our players and league had fields to play on and participated in all the time consuming tasks needed to ensure that our league was properly administered each season.

In addition, Jeff took the extra time to coach his daughter and other young girls in our league. Jeff taught our girls the joy of the game called softball and just as importantly provided them with a positive way to learn about life lessons and how to handle victory and defeat. Jeff taught the girls both about winning and losing in sports and how it prepares them for what will happen in their future years of life beyond the sport’s arena. Parents and players can attest to the love and passion that Jeff had for teaching and coaching players in how to become better players and about being a successful person. Jeff knew that the time he spent with these players gave these girls the ability to learn team work while gaining a sense of pride and accomplishment as their softball skills developed. Jeff was a very good coach. I can remember watching him coach first base in several games and providing encouragement to his players. Jeff was quick to share in the joy of a player’s accomplishment as she made a base hit or a great defensive play. Jeff was also quick to share with his players a “good try” when things did not go as planned.

In the end, God determines when we will be called home to his kingdom. I am sure that Jeff will be a great addition to the souls in heaven looking down upon his family and his extended family that he had with the players and our league. As a person, the greatest gift that we can give is the time and talent that we share with others. In this regard, Jeff was a huge gift to our league and our community at large.

I will miss Jeff. I know that the league that he supported so well will also miss him. I am sure that Jeff would want us to take his passing, as with all things that he did, as a life lesson for us to share with our players and our families. Let us celebrate and enjoy the gifts that Jeff gave us and build upon the work he did as a key member of our league.

Our thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to his wife Wanda, Daughter Elizabeth (Izzy) and son Ben as they mourn the loss of this Husband, Father, Coach and person.

Bob Thomas
HRYS Commissioner
November 2009


Jeff Dalling Memorial Scholarship


2019 Application Must Be Completed by March 9, 2019 Deadline.


Criteria For Application:

  1. The applicant must have played in HRYS for a minimum of 3 seasons.
  2. The applicant must be preparing for her first year of post high school studies.
  3. The applicant must be accepted (or waiting for acceptance) to a fully accredited college, university, or trade school.
  4. The applicant’s account must be in good standing.
  5. The applicant must submit a completed application (Part I and II) by deadline.
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Part I

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2. In what age groups did you participate in Herndon Reston Youth Softball?

3. Include one signed letter of recommendation from a person who has influenced your life. Include that person's phone number and email address. Please scan the recommendation letter and email it to . Please include the applicants name in the subject line of the email.

Part II

1. List all school activities, community involvement, and any special recognition/awards that you have earned. *
2. Why did you want to play softball and what did you enjoy most as a participant? *
3. How do you feel having played Herndon Reston Youth Softball will help you to be successful in college? In life after graduation? *
4. In your opinion, what makes you stand out as the applicant most deserving of this scholarship? *
5. What is your intended major (if you have selected one), and what do you plan to do professionally after graduation? *

Please do NOT include high school transcripts or documents not requested in this application. Grades are not a qualifying factor.


Deadline is March 9, 2019

By submitting an application to the HRYS Scholarship program, the applicant agrees to the use of their name and likeness on the HRYS web site and other forms of publication.

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