HRYS is a girls' fastpitch softball league serving players ages 5 to 18 in the greater Herndon-Reston, Virginia area. Separate spring and fall competitive house seasons are run with the objective of serving all the girls of the community.

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HRYS conducts player evaluations and a draft at the 10U, 12U, and Senior Age groups. This is nothing to fear by coaches or players and is merely meant to balance out the talent and abilities on each team and helps to insure the best competitive play possible.


Players will be asked to demonstrate their basic catching, throwing, and hitting skills. You should bring something to write with and a clipboard or notebook to write on. Player evaluation sheets are below and you may use it to take notes on but feel free to use any other system that you may have used in the past. We offer this only as a resource, and will not be bringing copies. If you choose to use this form, please bring as many copies as you may need to evaluate the entire group of girls.

In addition to the basic skills that all players will demonstrate, pitchers and catchers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their "specialist" skills as well.

Please note: the skills evaluation is open to MANAGERS and PLAYERS ONLY. Parents and other people who you may be eyeing as potential assistant coaches will be asked to stay upstairs when they arrive at DST. As a special service to the managers and your families, your own girls may be evaluated at any time during either 1-hour window.

You will be required to send the Commissioner and the Evaluation Coordinator a ranked list (from 1 to n) 24 hours before the draft, listing the most likely order that you would be intending to draft each player (including your own, your opposing coaches children, and all other players) if they were available for you to select. This will eventually serve to help in the slotting process which will be explained later.

Finally, when you are not volunteering your time this weekend assessing the player's softball capabilities, please consider volunteering for other duties that we need an assist with.

Thanks for all that you do to support the ball players and families of HRYS.
Player Evaluation sheets:
Fillable version of PDF
Excel Spreadsheet


Coaches will receive an email invitation to the online draft at Draft will commence Monday 3/6/17 at 6pm. Coaches will log on to the site and pick players in the order determined during the meeting at the Player Evaluations.

We will follow a "snake" format. Coach #1 (first choice), Coach #2(first choice), Coach #3 (first choice), Coach #3 (second choice), Coach #2(second choice), Coach #1(second choice), etc. until all the players are picked.
Check out the overview video for more info.